Week 7 First Trimester


You can just feel your body changing, and for some moms-to-be, most especially first-timers, this may be a woefully scary experience. Not only are you tired and nauseous most of the time, you might also find your face filled with a rash of pimples from all those raging hormones.

Calm your fears by sharing them with your partner. Together, read pregnancy books to help you get through this exciting but challenging experience. Better yet, look for pregnancy workshops which you can attend. If there’s none available in your area, you can always go online for more information or talk with your mom or mommy friends for real-life advice.

Your Baby

Did you know that your baby will actually go through three sets of kidneys as he grows inside your womb? This week, he’ll be developing the second set. The start of genital formation also starts during this period, but it’s still not clear whether your baby will turn out to be a girl or boy.

His hands and nasal pits are starting to develop.

By the end of the week, he’ll be 7 to 9 mm CR.

Philippine Association for Childbirth Education

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