Week 42 Third Trimester


There is an increased risk of still birth at this stage so your doctor will probably need to induce labor.

One method that is used is the “membrane sweep” where your doctor helps your body to release prostaglandins for labor by manually separating your membranes from your cervix. You may find the process painful and it usually takes three sweeps to induce labor.

Alternatively, your doctor may suggest delivering your baby through a caesarian section. Your stay in the hospital will be a bit longer than expected so you will have to add more clothes and supplies in your hospital bag.

Your Baby

Your baby has probably lost a little weight and body fat. Don’t panic. Besides, your doctor is probably constantly monitoring both of you at this time. You can also monitor your baby’s health by keeping track of his movements inside your womb. You’ll finally see each other in no time.

Philippine Association for Childbirth Education

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