Week 4 First Trimester


It’s official! You are pregnant! The positive result in your pregnancy test only validates what your body has been feeling all along. Not only has your mood been swinging up and down, you’ve also been going to the bathroom more than usual. Your breasts are all tender, and you always feel tired.

Because you’re now in that interesting stage, you have to take extra care of yourself. Keep in mind that the first trimester is the most critical of all, so start practicing healthy pregnancy habits. Eat balanced, nutritious meals. Get proper amounts of rest and exercise. Avoid stress, smoke, and alcohol.

Your Baby

Your baby is now safely ensconced in a gestational sac. By the end of the week, chorionic villi, which are finger-like projections that will eventually facilitate maternal and fetal circulation, will begin to emerge from the outer sac. It will eventually form the placenta.

Philippine Association for Childbirth Education

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