Week 36 Third Trimester


It’s officially the final month and I bet you’re so excited to meet your newborn and get rid of all the backaches and incontinence. You’ll feel lighter compared to the previous weeks as your baby settles in the birthing position.

You will probably hear from your doctor that your cervix is starting to thin and dilate. It will take weeks before it becomes wide enough to let the baby pass through. You may have what doctors call the “bloody show” as the capillaries in your cervix ruptures. It may also be caused by your mucus plug coming apart. This should not be a cause of alarm and some moms do not even remember experiencing this.

You are heavier than the past week and clumsiness is expected. Be careful in walking because your balance is a little unstable as usual. Pregnancy hormones loosen the pelvic muscles in preparation for birth and you may feel pain and pressure on your hips. Relax by swimming in a pool as the water helps keep your tummy lighter and more bearable.

Your Baby

Your baby has grown bigger by another 200 grams. Don’t worry if ultrasound pictures reveal that he is still settled head down into the birth canal because there’s still a lot of time for him to turn around. Your doctor or midwife may teach you special exercises to encourage your baby to turn.

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