Week 34 Third Trimester


You’re probably getting used to the backache and tiredness that comes with the weight gain. Most of the symptoms that came in the past weeks will just continue this week.

As your baby drops into your pelvis, your belly’s bump will appear to be lower. It will now be easier to breathe because your baby will not be pressing on your diaphragm anymore. Then again, it also means that he will be adding more pressure to your bladder and pelvis. You’ll be visiting the toilet more frequently to urinate and you’ll “duck walk” more slowly now.

You will also notice that your breasts have become fuller. The hormones from your placenta have now triggered breast milk production for your baby. Wear nursing bras for added support especially if your regular ones won’t fit.

Your Baby

The little one continues to grow and has added another 200 grams to his weight. He’s also a bit longer at 50 cm from crown to rump.

He is chubbier than last week and most of the lanugo (fine hairs) in his skin is gone. He is now able to blink and his ultrasound pictures will probably show him covering his eyes because he senses the light. His digestive system is now more developed. If he is born right now, he will be able to fully digest breast milk.

Philippine Association for Childbirth Education

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