Week 33 Third Trimester


Sad to say, the weight gain continues as your baby undergoes a growth spurt. You may become quite frustrated in getting things done as your tummy becomes bigger and heavier. Delegate your usual tasks to your partner or other family members as much as possible so you’ll have more time to rest.

The amniotic fluid inside your uterus has reached its maximum level. Since your baby will still continue to grow over the coming weeks, you will have less amniotic fluid to protect you from his kicks. You may also feel frequent pre-labor contractions known as Braxton Hicks. These are just false contractions and easily go away when you change sitting or lying positions so you don’t need to go to the hospital right away. Real labor contractions happen in regular intervals and become intense as the intervals get shorter.

Your face and upper and lower extremities may also be swollen especially if the weather is hot or during the late afternoon to nighttime. This fluid retention, known as edema, is normal at this stage. You can wear compression stockings to relieve the pressure on your legs. Avoid long periods of sitting or standing up and raise your legs on a stool while taking a break from your chores. Be on the lookout, though, for sudden or excessive swelling of the hands and feet which can be a sign of preeclampsia. Preeclampsia is a serious complication that can affect your baby’s health.

Your Baby

Your precious baby now has stronger bones. Even so, the bones in his skull will remain soft so his head can easily pass through the birth canal. He continues to grow and now weighs around 2 kilograms and a little more than 48 centimeters. He hiccups frequently from all the swallowing exercises that he’s been doing and you’ll feel this as minor kicks in your belly.

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