Week 32 Third Trimester


You have probably gained another pound this week and your uterus is now around five inches above your belly button. Now that your tummy has grown bigger, it can become harder for you to find a comfortable sleeping position. Invest or borrow a snoozer pillow from a friend. It’s a full body pillow that’s shaped like a letter J which can support your tummy or your back as you sleep.

Speaking of nighttime woes, expect to have vivid, strange dreams. It may be the hormones causing these weird dreams but psychologists believe that it’s the fear of the nearing due date. Of course, it’s normal to be anxious especially if it’s your first time to give birth.

There’s also the need to urinate frequently as your growing uterus presses on your bladder. Even though this is the case, do not lessen your water intake throughout the day to avoid dehydration.

Backaches and fatigue are also common problems at this stage because of the added weight. Apply a heating pad or cold compress on your back while sitting or lying down. Better yet, use this as an opportunity to have that long overdue back rub courtesy of the husband.

Some moms also experience shortness of breath and heart palpitations at this stage. It’s brought about by the increased blood supply that you share with your baby. Consult your doctor right away should you experience chest pains along with the palpitations.

Your Baby

Your baby has grown two more centimeters at 48 centimeters CR. He has also added weight at almost 3.75 pounds. He continues his sleeping and waking routine inside your tummy. He also starts to practice how to breathe and swallow which he will need to survive should he be born prematurely. At this point, your baby’s finger nails may reach the tip of his fingers. He has also become stronger due to the added muscle mass so his kicks will be more pronounced and uncomfortable.

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