Week 31 Third Trimester


Have you noticed how you waddle like a duck when you walk? Don’t you worry because this is just normal at this stage. Your body needs to make room for the growing baby which explains why your pelvis has widened. Your growing baby is taking all the space available in your belly.

Some pregnant women experience breast leakage at this point. The fluid that leaks isn’t milk yet but the highly-nutritious colostrum that your baby will need in his first days of life outside your tummy. This liquid is clear (sometimes, yellowish) in color and you can use nursing pads to soak it up.

Since it’s just a couple of weeks before your bundle of joy comes out, this is the time to plan the big day up to the very last detail. Carefully choose which birthing method will suit you. Meanwhile, your partner can start planning routes that you can take to the hospital. Don’t forget to practice your breathing exercises!

Your Baby

Your baby now weighs about 3.3 pounds and measures around 46 centimeters from crown to rump.

He’s starting to gain more fats and muscles under his skin so it appears less wrinkled and pinkish in color. His irises can now respond to light and he can react to sound so this is the perfect time to talk and sing to your baby. He has also established his own sleeping pattern so it will now be obvious when he’s asleep and when he’s active.

Most babies at this point have started to flip theirs head closer to the vagina to get ready for birth.

Philippine Association for Childbirth Education

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