week 26 Second Trimester


You may start experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions on a more regular basis. Your weight gain will increase to approximately 0.45 kilos (or one pound) a week.

Your uterine muscles are being stretched so you may also experience stitch-like pains down the sides of your abdomen. You may also have some rib pain, heartburn, or indigestion. It would do you well to remember that these shall pass and are all part of the beautiful, sometimes painful, process of pregnancy.

At this point, you may want to consider babyproofing your home in preparation for your baby’s arrival.

Your Baby

He responds to touch. Although there is no air in his lungs, he begins to make breathing movements. He now weighs around 907 grams (two pounds). He will continue to gain weight steadily during the next 14 weeks.

Your little one’s eyes have been sealed shut for the last few months, but they will soon open and begin to blink. His eyelashes are also growing, and he’s starting to have more hair on his head.

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