week 22 Second Trimester


Despite the discomfort of the occasional backache and shortness of breath, you are feeling good and active.

At this time, you may occasionally feel a squeezing sensation in your abdomen. These irregular, painless contractions (called Braxton Hicks contractions) are normal. They’re a good sign actually, because they mean that your uterus is “practicing” for delivery. However, if the contractions become more intense, frequent, or painful, get in touch with your doctor immediately. You may be going into preterm labor.

Your Baby

Your baby is about 20 cm long now and weighs about 453 grams. That’s around the size of a small doll. A living, breathing, precious doll who can now hear your voice, your heartbeat, and the blood circulating through your body! He responds to sound, rhythm, and melody, and usually, the sounds that he hears in your womb will soothe him after birth.

His brain and nerve endings are also developed, so he may be reaching for different parts of his body to experiment with his sense of touch. His eyelids and eyebrows are developing as taste buds start to form on his tongue.

A baby boy’s testis has begun to descend from his abdomen to his scrotum while a baby girl’s uterus and ovaries are already in place and her vagina is developed.

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