Week 21 Second Trimester


Although you must be grateful that your pregnancy is progressing well, this also means you’re carrying more weight. Because of your altered center of gravity, you probably feel clumsier, and lose your balance much easier. Be extra careful. To avoid any falls or accidents, take sure and steady steps. Avoid wearing shoes that have slippery soles or high heels.

During prenatal appointments, your doctor may have been measuring the height of your uterus (i.e. fundal height) since it appeared above your pubic bone. After the 20th week, the fundal height generally correlates with your due date. Measuring fundal height is one way of gauging your baby’s growth in between check-ups. Any inconsistency in fundal height would require an ultrasound. Around the 36th week, however, your baby will settle into your pelvis. Measurement for fundal height thus becomes less accurate.

Your Baby

You may be psyched to know that your little one is now as big as a large banana, measuring about 25 cm from head to toe, and weighing around 340 grams. His eyebrows and eyelids are fully developed, and his fingertips covered with fingernails.

He will also be moving a lot more at this time, and you’ll surely be amazed at how wriggly and wiggly your little one can be! The amniotic fluid in your womb that has been helping cushion and support him has an additional purpose: baby’s intestines have developed enough such that small amounts of sugars can be absorbed from the fluid that is swallowed and passed through the digestive system to the large bowel. However, almost 100 percent of your baby’s nourishment still comes from you through the placenta.

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