Week 19 Second Trimester


During your prenatal check up, your Ob-Gyne will most probably check your weight, your blood pressure, urine, your uterus, and your baby’s heartbeat. Ask your doctor about anemia, and signs to watch for.

You may start having blotchy red patches on your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin—again, because of those hormones. If you decide to go to a dermatologist about them, let her know that you’re pregnant. Some skin medications are not safe during pregnancy. When you’re buying makeup and skin-care products, opt for those that are non-comedogenic and unscented.

You also may begin to develop stretch marks and the dry, itchy skin that comes with them. Rub virgin coconut oil or anti-stretch mark cream on the affected areas.

Around this time, many moms wonder whether having sex will hurt their growing baby. The answer is no. Actually, sex is considered safe during every stage of pregnancy, as long as you’re not experiencing any complications.

Your Baby

Your little one is starting to develop brown fat, which will help keep him warm after birth. At this stage, his body is covered with a white, waxy substance called vernix caseosa, which helps prevent his skin from becoming scratched. His developing skin is transparent, his blood vessels visible through it.

Your baby is also developing nerves which connect his muscles to his brain. He’s getting a lot more active—turning and twisting, moving his arms and legs, wiggling his toes and fingers.

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