Week 17 Second Trimester


Your baby’s movements may be more visibly felt now. Your uterus is now about 1½ to 2 inches below your belly button.

Now that you are not so nauseous all the time, you may have a bigger appetite—but keep eating healthy! You are also starting to show. Flaunt your gorgeous bump with flattering clothes.

If you notice a slight vaginal discharge in your underwear, don’t worry. It’s perfectly normal at this stage.

As for your breasts, well, they’ve become larger with visible veins as they get ready for milk production. Give them the proper support with the right size bra.

Your Baby

At about 13 cm in length and 140 grams in weight, your baby is still quite tiny, about the size of your palm! Even so, he is already developing reflexes that will enable him to swallow, blink, and suck. His circulatory and urinary systems are already working, too. Lanugo (soft, fine hair) covers his shoulders, back, and temples.

Meanwhile, the placenta is growing to accommodate his needs. It now has thousands of blood vessels that bring oxygen and nutrients from your body to your baby.

Philippine Association for Childbirth Education

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