Week 13 First Trimester


Yehey! You have reached your second trimester! Not only do you physically feel so much better, you are also extremely happy at the thought that the risk of miscarriage is greatly reduced at this stage.

As you embrace your pregnancy, you are only too excited to spread the good news to your family and friends. You are also thrilled to look at the latest fashion in maternity wear as well as all the little things that you’ll want to fill the nursery.

Your Baby

There’s much activity in your baby’s digestive system as his intestines migrate from the umbilical cord to his abdomen. Inside his intestines, villi are beginning to form to aid his digestive functions. His pancreas is starting to secrete insulin. Plus, he’s beginning to develop meconium, his first stool. It’s all about eating and digesting it seems as all his 20 teeth are formed at this time.

By the end of the week, your baby will be about 28 grams in weight.

Philippine Association for Childbirth Education

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