My Birth Plan Mom-to-be Checklist

How do you plan on giving birth? This is one of the more important questions that you and your partner will tackle during your pregnancy. Here are issues that will come up before, during, and after delivery that you and your partner should start talking about right now.

Before labor

  • Have a hospital tour
  • Prepare all the necessary documents
  • Organize your medical team
  • Arrange for birth partner to be present during labor and delivery
  • Clarify who will be performing internal exam during labor
  • Get instructions from your doctor as when to proceed to the hospital
  • Look for a good pediatrician
  • Discuss rooming-in options
  • Discuss merits and demerits of immediate circumcision if baby’s a boy
  • Discuss tests to be performed on baby

During labor

  • Inform your doctor when labor starts
  • At the hospital, proceed to the delivery room; you may ask for a wheelchair if walking is challenging
  • Remember to change positions to ease labor pain
  • Get instructions as what type of food and drinks are allowed
  • Discuss need for intravenous line, enema, shaving
  • Discuss pain management options
  • Arrange for electronic fetal monitoring

During and after birth

  • Discuss delivery position options
  • Talk about need for episiotomy
  • Talk about difference between forceps and vacuum extraction, in case necessary
  • Talk about the possibility of umbilical cord being cut by the father
  • Arrange for newborn care like suctioning and Apgar score to be done on mother’s belly
  • Discuss when baby can latch and breastfeed after delivery
  • Talk about your length of stay in recovery room
  • Talk about your length of hospital stay

For Cesarean birth

  • Discuss the types of anesthesia to be used: spinal, epidural, or general?
  • Discuss possibility of partner being present in the operating room

Philippine Association for Childbirth Education

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