Relaxed Pregnancy
Date Night with Mom, Dad, and the Baby Bump!

OK, so you want to take your wife out on a romantic date in the city. There’s an extra challenge, however: She’s six months pregnant and may not be too excited about the usual wining and dining places that the two of you used to frequent. Before you make any reservations, here are some factors […]

Absolutely Gorgeous Maternity Wear

    The days when you can fit in a size 0 or even a size 4 is history! With the little miracle growing inside you, everything else is expanding: your world, your life, your body, your waistline. Before you know it, nothing fits! Hooray, you’re having a healthy pregnancy! However, your wardrobe may need […]

Baby Shower Etiquette

Your best girlfriend is having a baby in a couple of months and you’re planning to throw her a fine and festive shower. It’s the very first baby shower that you’ll be organizing, so you’re not so sure about how you’ll go about it, especially when it comes to baby shower etiquette. Here, we’ve gathered […]

Stress-free Pregnancy

  Stress is an everyday part of modern life: We breathe it and have actually learned to live with it. It’s natural. For expectant moms, however, stress could only aggravate an already delicate situation. Pregnancy is normally accompanied by significant physical changes, feelings of discomfort, and the occasional mood swing—compound those with the negative effects […]

Philippine Association for Childbirth Education

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