Relaxed Pregnancy
Soothing Pregnancy Pains with Water Therapy

Aching back, easily tired and sore legs and feet, frozen necks and shoulders. These are just some of the daily aches pregnant women experience. With the added weight of the baby, too much pressure is placed on the spine and the lower half of the body. Although pregnancy is a beautiful thing, it can be […]

Top Five Baby Gear Essentials

The days of moms-to-be are often filled with making all the necessary preparations for baby’s arrival. The nesting stage, most of all, could baffle and overwhelm anybody, especially those who have no idea what the essentials are, but wouldn’t want to be caught having given birth without it. Apart from the basics like clothing, diapers, […]

How to Get Pretty Preggy Belly Photos

  Who doesn’t want beautiful, poignant mementos of this wonderful time? Your body is sheltering a miracle and that in itself is the most beautiful thing of all. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you schedule your preggy belly photo shoot to help celebrate your blossoming beauty!   Wait until you’re […]

Taking Care of Preggy Skin

While some expectant moms are blessed with glowing fertility goddess skin, quite a few suffer from major changes due to the flood of hormones: acne, unwanted hair growth, dark armpits and neck, and generally dry, oily, or scaly skin. To get through pregnancy with clear, happy, and healthy skin, you may need to adjust your […]

Beach Bumming with the Baby Bump

Going to the beach while you’re preggy is certainly a must for those who love the sun, sand, and surf. Apart from being able to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere, wearing a swimsuit will certainly keep you really cool. However, remember to practice health and safety precautions as you introduce your belly bump to the joys […]

The Highs of a Babymoon

You’ve heard of the honeymoon, of course! These days, babymoons have also become more popular and with good reason. The first and third trimester have travel risks so usually, the second trimester is the safest and best time to go. The general upheaval has settled down and you feel great with that maternal glow. Read […]

The Preggy Blog

Being pregnant is always a special time whether for first-time or veteran mommies. Every pregnancy brings a unique story that packs a sentimental punch; which is why it warrants documentation in one form or another. Start a journal or scrapbook that you can give your child later on as a keepsake. Better yet, jot down […]

Six Funny Movies about Pregnancy

Yes, getting pregnant is serious stuff, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get three trimesters’ worth of laughs either. For the lighter side of pregnancy, check out these movies you can watch when you get an attack of the blues or when it’s one of those long, sleepless nights! Full of laughter and love, there […]

Late Night Lounging

It’s way past bedtime and your aching, pregnant body demands the blissful oblivion of sleep. So you slip into your favorite jammies, snuggle into your pillows, switch off your light…and feel a kick in your gut that brings you back to the land of the living.   Why does your little passenger seem to be […]

Keep Calm and Holiday On!

Keeping stress-free while infanticipating during the holiday season is no mean feat as you can easily get caught in an avalanche of to-do’s. However, you have to remember that you are pregnant and that too much stress could endanger your well-being and that of your baby’s. So keep chill, have some bibingka and hot tsokolate-eh and try to enjoy […]

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