Pregnant Wisdom
Guide for First-time Parents

  There’s nothing quite as good as the smell of a newborn baby. It’s like vanilla ice cream, fresh morning air, and wild flowers all rolled into one. It’s no wonder then that parents can’t help but touch, cuddle, and caress their babies. Taking care of him is another thing, however, especially when he seems […]

Stress-free Pregnancy

  Stress is an everyday part of modern life: We breathe it and have actually learned to live with it. It’s natural. For expectant moms, however, stress could only aggravate an already delicate situation. Pregnancy is normally accompanied by significant physical changes, feelings of discomfort, and the occasional mood swing—compound those with the negative effects […]

Pregnant for the First Time

No other event could change a woman’s life so completely as the first time she gets pregnant—except maybe the moment she says, I do.” The very instant that a woman knows of her interesting condition, she treads a bit more gently. She goes about her daily life with a knowing smile, jubilant in the thought […]

Eat Healthy for Two

  Eating healthy has never been more important than when you’re eating for two. Eating healthy will not only help you meet the many challenges of pregnancy successfully, it will also directly contribute to the proper development of your baby. The secret is to eat a variety of foods in the right amount at the […]

The Three-month Game Plan

  You’ve dreamed about it, thought about it, and talked to your partner about it. It’s your most cherished wish to become a mommy, and now you are more than ready to hear the pitter-patter of little feet. How do you get yourself ready to conceive? Well, we’ve come up with a three-month game plan […]

Fitness Program for Expectant Moms

  The idea of pregnant women as fragile creatures who can’t go from one place to the next without any assistance has long been replaced by infanticipating career women, celebrities, and athletes who continued to work, and marvelously so, up to their last few weeks of pregnancy. Heidi Klum, for instance, was beautifully pregnant—and strutting […]

Philippine Association for Childbirth Education

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