Pregnant Wisdom
What Not to Do If You Want to Get Pregnant

If you are gunning to make your coosome twosome a lot cozier with an added bundle of joy to snuggle with, there are some habits and practices you should avoid. What NOT to do are less known, so check below! Our list of no-no’s might be helpful on your journey to conception. • Have sex […]

The Highs of a Babymoon

You’ve heard of the honeymoon, of course! These days, babymoons have also become more popular and with good reason. The first and third trimester have travel risks so usually, the second trimester is the safest and best time to go. The general upheaval has settled down and you feel great with that maternal glow. Read […]

Six Books about Raising Babies

Babies don’t come with a manual, and that’s a shame, especially when something you’re not prepared for suddenly pops up. But don’t despair. There are a number of books that can give you a hand when you’re feeling totally lost. Here are some of them: 1. Your Babycare Bible: Your Complete Guide to the Baby […]

The Preggy Blog

Being pregnant is always a special time whether for first-time or veteran mommies. Every pregnancy brings a unique story that packs a sentimental punch; which is why it warrants documentation in one form or another. Start a journal or scrapbook that you can give your child later on as a keepsake. Better yet, jot down […]

Essential Prenatal Tests

Now that you’re pregnant, expect to be medicalized like you’ve never been before in your life. Due to scientific and medical developments, the list of prenatal tests that pregnant moms have to perform has dramatically grown longer. The following tests are the essentials: Blood pressure: This is necessary especially in the last trimester; elevating blood […]

Swimming for Pregnant Moms

Swimming does much more than cool you down. Spending time in the water has a lot of other benefits that make this activity highly recommended for pregnant women. Plus, it’s one of the few physical activities that almost anybody can do, regardless of your fitness level or swimming skills. Start with easy swimming for 20 minutes […]

How to Choose Your OB-Gyne

Now that you’re pregnant, you have to choose the right health care partner to assist and guide you and your hubby through this precious time. It’s important that you are completely comfortable with your chosen OB/Gyne or Obstetrician. Trust is an imperative since you are placing your health and that of your baby’s in his […]

Six Funny Movies about Pregnancy

Yes, getting pregnant is serious stuff, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get three trimesters’ worth of laughs either. For the lighter side of pregnancy, check out these movies you can watch when you get an attack of the blues or when it’s one of those long, sleepless nights! Full of laughter and love, there […]

How Much Sleep Should You Be Getting?

How are you sleeping nowadays, Mom? Sleep and rest are a must, especially now that you have a baby growing in your womb. However, sleep may not come easy these days as your body goes on a hormonal overdrive. Read on to understand what’s going on and check out how you can get enough sleep […]

Naming Your Baby

Naming your brand new little person is a very special moment that could also send your BP sky high as you rack your brains for the right one. The pressure is on, since as soon as that ink dries on the Birth Certificate, there’s no changing what could be a life-long blessing or burden to […]

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