Pregnant Wisdom
Top Five Baby Gear Essentials

The days of moms-to-be are often filled with making all the necessary preparations for baby’s arrival. The nesting stage, most of all, could baffle and overwhelm anybody, especially those who have no idea what the essentials are, but wouldn’t want to be caught having given birth without it. Apart from the basics like clothing, diapers, […]

When to Stop Taking Birth Control

When you and your partner are ready to start a family, ask your doctor about how and when to stop the birth control method you are on first. Barrier methods are easy to figure out, but you need your doctor’s advice regarding any hormonal birth control medication such as oral contraceptives, injectables, or hormonal patches. […]

The 411 on Lamaze

The Lamaze Method is based on the philosophy that birth is a normal, natural, and healthy experience which can be shared by both the mother and father, and which women can be empowered to confidently embrace through education and continuous support. The main goal of Lamaze is to encourage and teach the mother to find […]

The “Feel Great All Day” Workout

Getting your pregnant body out of that comfy recliner seems like a bad idea, but it’s actually what you need to keep your energy level up and your happy hormones flowing. Exercising with a few simple routines throughout the nine months of your pregnancy can help you pep up in the morning, stay stress-free all […]

How to Get Pretty Preggy Belly Photos

  Who doesn’t want beautiful, poignant mementos of this wonderful time? Your body is sheltering a miracle and that in itself is the most beautiful thing of all. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you schedule your preggy belly photo shoot to help celebrate your blossoming beauty!   Wait until you’re […]

Avoiding a Mom-to-be Meltdown

Having a baby is a life-changing occasion accompanied by all sorts of feelings, from joy and anxiety to excitement and fatigue. Guilt also makes a show sometime. You beat yourself up over working long hours while pregnant or for buying a pair of heels instead of baby clothes. You could swing from being unbelievably happy […]

Exercising With Weights During Pregnancy

Low to moderate intensity weight training, also known as resistance and strength training, isn’t such a bad idea considering that you’re lugging around a fair amount of pregnancy weight. It’s one of the best ways to minimize the aches and pains that come with pregnancy. After giving birth, the lifting is just going to go […]

Taking Care of Preggy Skin

While some expectant moms are blessed with glowing fertility goddess skin, quite a few suffer from major changes due to the flood of hormones: acne, unwanted hair growth, dark armpits and neck, and generally dry, oily, or scaly skin. To get through pregnancy with clear, happy, and healthy skin, you may need to adjust your […]

Common Fears About Pregnant Sex

Sex during pregnancy interestingly ranges from scorching hot with all the raging hormones flooding your system, to totally non-existent as you suffer from the preggy blahs. Whatever the tango that happens with your baby-bump in between, here are a few things that typically get in the way of enjoying yourself and how to get over […]

Embarrassing Preggy Problems

Apart from the constant vomiting, the acne breakouts, and a belly button that’s way out there, there are a host of other embarrassing preggy phenomena that you had not even thought you’d experience in a million years. It’s okay! There’s no need to panic as these are all part of the hormonal changes that most […]

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