Healthy and Fit Pregnancy
Fruits, Veggies, and Your Developing Baby

Fruits and vegetables are an essential part of everyone’s diet, but it’s much more important when you’re pregnant. After all, you’re not just eating for yourself! Packed full of nutritious vitamins and minerals, and fiber to help clean out your system, the quality and quantity of these kinds of food are crucial to your baby’s […]

Expectant Moms Get Pretty

You’re on your fourth month of pregnancy and everybody’s been saying how beautiful you are. You are happy, healthy, and glowing. However, there are days when you feel absolutely down in the dumps. It is during those times when you want to glide on over your favorite salon and get the full queen-for-a-day treatment, which […]

The Five Don’ts of Prenatal Nutrition

Fresh fruits and vegetables, brown rice and whole grain bread, lean meats and low fat milk—these are just some of the do’s of prenatal nutrition. Most pregnant women already know these rules by heart. However, knowing the don’ts of the rudiments of eating when you’re expecting are just as important. We count them down right […]

Go Dancing for a Healthy Pregnancy

That’s right! Pregnant women can dance. They can shimmy and sashay, swinging their hips this way and that. They can rock and roll, moving slowly to the rhythm of some good old-fashioned belly dancing music. And as they move their hips in circular motion, they’re actually preparing their bodies for childbirth. During the recently held […]

Eat Healthy for Two

  Eating healthy has never been more important than when you’re eating for two. Eating healthy will not only help you meet the many challenges of pregnancy successfully, it will also directly contribute to the proper development of your baby. The secret is to eat a variety of foods in the right amount at the […]

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