Healthy and Fit Pregnancy
Dietary and Nutrition Guide for Pregnant Moms

Pregnancy is such a beautiful and momentous event for every woman. Getting to create and nurture life inside you is such a life-changing experience that feeds the soul and spirit with so much love. Pregnancy is also a crucial time for the body due to the drastic changes it has to undergo. It is important […]

Soothing Labor Positions

The standard labor position that most hospital births default with is the semi- or fully-reclining back labor. New practices have actually reverted to what are actually old school practices of letting the mother freely move around to encourage contractions and birth. It may seem like a good idea to be lying down since pain and […]

Avoiding a Mom-to-be Meltdown

Having a baby is a life-changing occasion accompanied by all sorts of feelings, from joy and anxiety to excitement and fatigue. Guilt also makes a show sometime. You beat yourself up over working long hours while pregnant or for buying a pair of heels instead of baby clothes. You could swing from being unbelievably happy […]

Common Fears About Pregnant Sex

Sex during pregnancy interestingly ranges from scorching hot with all the raging hormones flooding your system, to totally non-existent as you suffer from the preggy blahs. Whatever the tango that happens with your baby-bump in between, here are a few things that typically get in the way of enjoying yourself and how to get over […]

Should You Get An Epidural?

One of the biggest questions you’ll have when preparing for childbirth is how you’ll be handling pain management. While some choose to go natural, others may find that some form of anesthesia, like an epidural, is an option well worth considering. It’s not going to knock you out altogether like general anesthesia would and you […]

Friends to the Rescue

Whether you’re the first, last, or among many in your group of buddies to be preggy, it’s always fun to be around good friends. You can get the future Ninongs and Ninangs involved with your little one as early as their little inaanak is still in utero. Here are some ways this time can be […]

Essential Prenatal Tests

Now that you’re pregnant, expect to be medicalized like you’ve never been before in your life. Due to scientific and medical developments, the list of prenatal tests that pregnant moms have to perform has dramatically grown longer. The following tests are the essentials: Blood pressure: This is necessary especially in the last trimester; elevating blood […]

How Much Sleep Should You Be Getting?

How are you sleeping nowadays, Mom? Sleep and rest are a must, especially now that you have a baby growing in your womb. However, sleep may not come easy these days as your body goes on a hormonal overdrive. Read on to understand what’s going on and check out how you can get enough sleep […]

Going Organic

Yes, fresh organic food is definitely better than processed, canned, or conventionally grown products that could have possibly been treated with a cocktail of harmful, hormone-addling chemicals. If they’re not recommendable for a typical person, what more for pregnant women? Everything you eat and drink has a direct impact on your developing fetus as nutrients […]

Eating for Two during the Holidays

With your heightened sense of taste and smell, you may see-saw between loving the season of feasting and wishing that it wouldn’t give you such a nauseous feeling. Your food cravings might be magnified with the wonderful aroma of lovely food combined with the pleasing visual presentation of the Christmas smorgasbord of treats. All suggestions […]

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