First Time Pregnancy
Baby-proofing Your Home

  At long last, after nine months of anxious waiting and after many hours in painful labor, you are finally bringing your baby home. The minute you step inside your elegantly furnished house, however, you see all sorts of potential dangers for your baby.   Why, oh, why did you get that glass-topped center table […]

The Expectant Dad

After breaking into a happy song and dance routine upon finding out that you and your wife are going have a baby, you suddenly feel a wave of anxiety wash over you. You ask yourself, ‘What are we getting ourselves into?’ And rightfully so! The next nine months of waiting for your little miracle isn’t […]

The Challenges of Having a Baby

  Most new parents would tell you that you’re never really ready to have a baby—and we perfectly understand why. It seems that no matter how many infant care books you read or baby-ready classes you attend, you are never quite prepared for that overwhelming feeling of literally having somebody’s life in your hands. Apart […]

Unique Filipino Customs

Like most cultures, there are all sorts of beliefs and customs associated with pregnancy. Some are quite practical in nature, some downright surreal. Here are some that you may have heard of: Determining Sex The baby is a boy when the expectant mom’s belly is pointy and set high; when she is beautiful all throughout […]

Guide for First-time Parents

  There’s nothing quite as good as the smell of a newborn baby. It’s like vanilla ice cream, fresh morning air, and wild flowers all rolled into one. It’s no wonder then that parents can’t help but touch, cuddle, and caress their babies. Taking care of him is another thing, however, especially when he seems […]

Pregnant for the First Time

No other event could change a woman’s life so completely as the first time she gets pregnant—except maybe the moment she says, I do.” The very instant that a woman knows of her interesting condition, she treads a bit more gently. She goes about her daily life with a knowing smile, jubilant in the thought […]

Philippine Association for Childbirth Education

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