First Time Pregnancy
7 Things To Expect After Bringing your Baby Home

Hooray, the big day has arrived and you can now hold and cuddle your precious little baby! Congratulations, you are now a parent! Boy, parenting sure has got so much exciting and wonderful things in store for you. But wait, before you fully immerse yourself into this new stage in your life, let us help […]

Loving Your Post-pregnancy Body

Nothing quite prepares a new mom for that first glimpse of herself in the mirror. While you were nurturing the little miracle in your tummy, hormones blew you up, giving you wider hips, stretching your skin, and loosening up your bones. As your hormone levels normalize, the changes will help shrink you down too. Usually, […]

The 411 on Lamaze

The Lamaze Method is based on the philosophy that birth is a normal, natural, and healthy experience which can be shared by both the mother and father, and which women can be empowered to confidently embrace through education and continuous support. The main goal of Lamaze is to encourage and teach the mother to find […]

Embarrassing Preggy Problems

Apart from the constant vomiting, the acne breakouts, and a belly button that’s way out there, there are a host of other embarrassing preggy phenomena that you had not even thought you’d experience in a million years. It’s okay! There’s no need to panic as these are all part of the hormonal changes that most […]

24 Hours After Birth: What to Expect

So you’ve done your research about what to expect while you’re expecting and even how to care of baby after going home. However, you have to be ready for how to take care of yourself in the first 24 to 48 hours. Here’s the lowdown on what to expect right after your baby pops out: […]

Documenting Birth

You may already be documenting everything you can about your pregnancy at this point from the positive pregnancy test and first ultrasound to weekly or monthly tummy pictures, all posted on a preggy blog. You may also find yourself planning to document your baby’s arrival soon enough. Listed below are a few things you may […]

Six Books about Raising Babies

Babies don’t come with a manual, and that’s a shame, especially when something you’re not prepared for suddenly pops up. But don’t despair. There are a number of books that can give you a hand when you’re feeling totally lost. Here are some of them: 1. Your Babycare Bible: Your Complete Guide to the Baby […]

Naming Your Baby

Naming your brand new little person is a very special moment that could also send your BP sky high as you rack your brains for the right one. The pressure is on, since as soon as that ink dries on the Birth Certificate, there’s no changing what could be a life-long blessing or burden to […]

How Far Should “Nesting” Go?

“Nesting” is the term for that age-old instinct among expectant moms to prepare the home for the arrival of the new baby. Just as each mom is different from the rest, so are the nesting episodes that everyone goes through. Some are as mild as creating space for a crib, purchasing baby clothes, and cleaning […]

Christmas with the New Baby

It’s the season to be merry! With cute little tykes to dress up in cute Christmas outfits matched with your excitement at introducing them to the magic of the season, it’s bound to be a memorable first family Christmas indeed! However, the pretty lights, bright colors, and jovial atmosphere can be overwhelming to even the most […]

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