Active Pregnancy
No-Fail Workout Moves for Pregnant Women

    Whether you’re in your first, second, or third trimester, there just seems to be so many reasons for you not to get out of bed. You feel nauseous. You feel anxious. You’re so uncomfortable in your own skin that you can’t imagine putting on your track suit to work up some sweat at […]

The Infanticipating Mom’s Guide to the Gym

Exercising during pregnancy brings a world of benefits from helping you sleep better and fight fatigue to guarding you against gestational diabetes and constipation. But before you put on your trainers, here are some reminders to make sure that you have a healthy gym experience: * Get your doctor’s OK before anything else. Yes, exercise […]

8 Ways to Manage Your Pregnancy at Work

  Having a baby has its fair share of challenges. But unless yours is a delicate pregnancy, you can very well carry on your duties and responsibilities at the workplace as baby grows in your womb. Here are some reminders: Make an appointment with your human resource department to inform them of your condition. This […]

Fitness Program for Expectant Moms

  The idea of pregnant women as fragile creatures who can’t go from one place to the next without any assistance has long been replaced by infanticipating career women, celebrities, and athletes who continued to work, and marvelously so, up to their last few weeks of pregnancy. Heidi Klum, for instance, was beautifully pregnant—and strutting […]

Philippine Association for Childbirth Education

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