Active Pregnancy
Getting Down: Kegels

Pregnancy itself is an entire process of getting yourself and your body ready for childbirth. With so many changes that your body is going through, it is important to keep yourself healthy and fit to gear up for the big days and the challenging days (or months) that follows it. When it comes to the […]

Great Exercises for Your Legs

As they’re probably the most overworked part of your preggy body, your legs need much attention. Giving them a good workout would not only help you battle constipation and back pain, they’ll also lift your mood, boost energy, improve circulation, and keep you limber. You’ll even sleep better at night. As a bonus, exercise helps […]

The “Feel Great All Day” Workout

Getting your pregnant body out of that comfy recliner seems like a bad idea, but it’s actually what you need to keep your energy level up and your happy hormones flowing. Exercising with a few simple routines throughout the nine months of your pregnancy can help you pep up in the morning, stay stress-free all […]

Exercising With Weights During Pregnancy

Low to moderate intensity weight training, also known as resistance and strength training, isn’t such a bad idea considering that you’re lugging around a fair amount of pregnancy weight. It’s one of the best ways to minimize the aches and pains that come with pregnancy. After giving birth, the lifting is just going to go […]

The Pool Workout

Water exercises are highly recommended for pregnant women. Water buoyancy helps maintain balance, fully supporting your body as you concentrate on a proper workout. There are also reduced risks of injury due to accidents. Plus, it’s generally easy on preggy joints and muscles. Here are a few moves you can try: • Pool Ski: Strengthens […]

Run With the Bun (in the Oven)

If you’re an active person and you typically run for fitness and fun, pregnancy shouldn’t stop you from pursuing a healthy habit. However, there are guidelines you should follow to keep you and your baby safe before you lace up your running shoes. Provided that you’re going through a healthy low-risk pregnancy, you may run […]

Swimming for Pregnant Moms

Swimming does much more than cool you down. Spending time in the water has a lot of other benefits that make this activity highly recommended for pregnant women. Plus, it’s one of the few physical activities that almost anybody can do, regardless of your fitness level or swimming skills. Start with easy swimming for 20 minutes […]

Pilates for Pregnant Moms

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you should put off doing Pilates, moms. In fact, it may be one of the best exercises to do during and after pregnancy. The program will help build your core strength and tone your muscles, resulting in a more comfortable pregnancy and an easier delivery. Recovery is also faster […]

Recovery Exercises after Delivery

  After nine months of carrying your bundle of joy and going through the rigors of giving birth, new mothers are normally anxious to regain control of their bodies. Wresting back your body from the clutches of excess weight and aching joints and muscles is no mean feat, but there’s no need to despair.   […]

Exercise Alternatives for Non-Gym Lovers

Yes, exercise should be part and parcel of keeping our bodies healthy and our blood flowing for quick, active minds. However, not everyone has the luxury (yes, luxury!) of two to three hours of time and funding to enroll in a proper gym. Or, it would be so fabulous to have a set of exercises […]

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