Pregnant Wisdom
Why Are We Having a Hard Time Having a Baby?

It’s been three years since you and your college sweetheart got married, and you are excited to cradle a cute bundle of joy in your arms. In fact, you and your hubby have been trying for the past two years without any success. Understandably, you’re starting to get a little frustrated, and sometimes even downright […]

Getting Down: Kegels

Pregnancy itself is an entire process of getting yourself and your body ready for childbirth. With so many changes that your body is going through, it is important to keep yourself healthy and fit to gear up for the big days and the challenging days (or months) that follows it. When it comes to the […]

Dietary and Nutrition Guide for Pregnant Moms

Pregnancy is such a beautiful and momentous event for every woman. Getting to create and nurture life inside you is such a life-changing experience that feeds the soul and spirit with so much love. Pregnancy is also a crucial time for the body due to the drastic changes it has to undergo. It is important […]

The Gender Game: Conceiving a Boy or a Girl

In some cultures, one gender is more preferred over the other. While conceiving a specific gender is greatly dependent on the parents’ chromosomes, there are several methods developed throughout the years to increase the chances of conceiving a boy or a girl. Here are some ways to help increase your chances of conceiving a boy […]

7 Things To Expect After Bringing your Baby Home

Hooray, the big day has arrived and you can now hold and cuddle your precious little baby! Congratulations, you are now a parent! Boy, parenting sure has got so much exciting and wonderful things in store for you. But wait, before you fully immerse yourself into this new stage in your life, let us help […]

Soothing Pregnancy Pains with Water Therapy

Aching back, easily tired and sore legs and feet, frozen necks and shoulders. These are just some of the daily aches pregnant women experience. With the added weight of the baby, too much pressure is placed on the spine and the lower half of the body. Although pregnancy is a beautiful thing, it can be […]

Soothing Labor Positions

The standard labor position that most hospital births default with is the semi- or fully-reclining back labor. New practices have actually reverted to what are actually old school practices of letting the mother freely move around to encourage contractions and birth. It may seem like a good idea to be lying down since pain and […]

Great Exercises for Your Legs

As they’re probably the most overworked part of your preggy body, your legs need much attention. Giving them a good workout would not only help you battle constipation and back pain, they’ll also lift your mood, boost energy, improve circulation, and keep you limber. You’ll even sleep better at night. As a bonus, exercise helps […]

The Right Position

You got the calendar timing right, the correct body heat, and you even got the silk sheets, rose petals and scented candles going (if that’s what rocks your boat)…Now what? The million-buck question would be: Is there a sure-fire position to score a baby-win? If you and your partner are both “typically” fertile and everything’s […]

Loving Your Post-pregnancy Body

Nothing quite prepares a new mom for that first glimpse of herself in the mirror. While you were nurturing the little miracle in your tummy, hormones blew you up, giving you wider hips, stretching your skin, and loosening up your bones. As your hormone levels normalize, the changes will help shrink you down too. Usually, […]

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