Preggo Gear Guide
Bebe Chic Diaper Bags from Chubby Cheeks

We have bags for our laptops, our makeup and even our laundry, so it’s only right that our special little person has a bag for his things. A diaper bag keeps all the essential things that moms needs to keep baby clean and happy for both long and short trips. Most have compartments to store […]

MamaBabyLove Menstrual Pads

Since we’re all more environmentally conscious these days, going green is getting much easier and is even becoming fashionable. If we are choosing environment-friendly cloth diapers over disposables for our babies, then the next logical step would be to ditch disposable napkins as well. Aren’t they made of the same landfill-clogging, slow-disintegrating materials as well? […]

Cluebebe Reusable Cloth Diapers

Now who doesn’t want to be a green domestic goddess? We all want to save the planet, one way or the other, so that when the babies grow up, they can still know what an actual tree growing in the forest looks like! God forbid that years from now, our little ones would be looking […]

Cycles Mild Laundry Detergent

We all know that babies have the softest, most sensitive skin on the planet. Anything can give them itchy rashes, skin breakouts, and painful irritations that may cause sleepless nights and long crying spells. While some allergens are from things we have limited control over, like pollen, smoke, and genetic predisposition, we are not totally […]

Mustela 9 Months

Caring for your skin while you’re pregnant can be quite challenging. It’s not easy trying to understand your skin as your body goes through the various hormonal and physical changes that pregnancy brings. And we’re not even talking about post-pregnancy and breastfeeding skin woes, when your skin still isn’t quite at its best? Our special […]

Yummymummy Cocoa Butter

Much has been said about the special glow of the expectant mom, making her more beautiful and alluring than ever before. The hormone rush coupled with the joyous anticipation would give a rosy blush to your cheek, a twinkle in your eye, and a livelier bounce to your step.   Sometimes, however, you may find […]

Messy Baby

    When you’ve got a baby at home, your house can never be too clean, as the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends. That’s because a newborn has an immature immune system that may be susceptible to all sorts of respiratory conditions like cough, colds, and ear infections.   However, before you start scrubbing everything […]

Next9 Ring Slings

Think about the Indian papoose, our very own use of the malong, and other pieces of cloth worn for babywearing purposes. Babywearing has been around forever and while it may have been done less during modern times, it’s fast becoming recognized as an integral part of a baby’s development under the Attachment Parenting philosophy. It’s been said […]

Lamaze toys and books

As children, we used play to have fun and pass the time. Little did we know that we picked up quite a lot of things from simple games and toys that were the foundations of the complexities we were to learn later on as we grew up.   Now that we are older, we know […]

Baby Plus

It’s true what they say that even though our babies are still developing, they can hear us, feel us, and react to every stimulus that we are subject to. As mothers, what we react to also affects our growing babies. That’s why it’s always good for mothers to be in a soothing environment so that […]

Philippine Association for Childbirth Education

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