Preggo Gear Guide
Wrist Protection: Bugout! Smiley Mosquito Repelling Wrist Band

With the rainy season upon us, dengue is yet again a threat to concerned parents everywhere. Brought about by several different species of mosquito, we never know when it’s going to strike. Symptoms include fever, headache, muscle and joint pains, and a skin rash that looks like measles. In some cases, it can develop into […]

SaYa Baby Carrier

Baby wearing is important to nurturing the bonds between you and your baby. Aside from the intimacy fostered by close contact from infancy between parent and child, babies are generally calmer, less colicky and noted to develop independence, communication and social skills earlier. With many different carriers out in the market, you may find yourself […]

Tip Tap Soles

Of course, when baby’s out and about, he has to be dressed in comfy and adorable outfits—and no outfit is complete without an adorable pair of shoes. Finding appropriate footwear for your baby—even if he isn’t walking yet—is incredibly important. The wrong kind of shoes can spell disaster for developing muscles and bones. Your little […]


A good, long sleep is one of the things you’ll miss once your new baby is out. You may not be able to get as much sleep as you want because your little one would need a lot of your attention. Babies truly sleep best in their mother’s arms too, feeling the warmth of your […]

Juan at Maria Inabel Sleep Sacks

Restful sleep is essential to babies who are busy developing their little bods. Cozy beddings are conducive to maximizing sleep time with soft, comfy cloth that are not too warm or made with too much stuffing. Keeping your babies at the right temperature will spell the difference between a nice, deep sleep or a cranky, […]

Upsie Belly

It’s truly a marvel how your body can grow another human, adjust accordingly to support, nourish, and protect new life and withstand the physical pressures and stresses of pregnancy for close to 10 months. And then of course, there’s the giving birth to prepare for. As it becomes more uncomfortable and difficult for you to […]


Babies, newborns especially, benefit greatly from breastfeeding. Aside from the nourishment, the bonding fostered by the skin contact and nurturing moments are invaluable to a baby’s development as well as the mother-child relationship. It can be a trial though, especially for first-time moms with common breastfeeding woes like engorgement and cracked, sore, or tender nipples. […]

Belly Bandit

Hurray! You’ve just given birth to the most beautiful babe on earth. Now it’s time to get you back into shape to be able to care for your new family better. Apart from the important physical issues that you have to address in healing and getting your strength back, you can’t ignore the emotional issues […]

Medela Swing

Breastfeeding fosters a really special bond between Mom and baby. Aside from the nourishing aspect, the nurturing goes beyond mere words can say. Of course, sometimes nature needs a boost and that’s where supplementing with lactation food, all-natural lactation capsules, and pumping with a good “breastfriend” comes in. Pumps are for: • Working moms who […]

Lactation Spoons

As a new mom, you’re always on the lookout for foods that could help increase both the quality and quantity of your breastmilk, especially during those growth spurts and sick days when your little one wants more than usual. Good news: You don’t have to pop pills or eat grass like a cow to supply […]

Philippine Association for Childbirth Education

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