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The Mom 24/7 Planner 2014: Pre-order Now

We created the Mom 24/7 Planner just for you… The Mom 24/7 Planner is the go-to tool for moms who need to keep a busy schedule manageable. Here is our 2014 edition! The 2014 edition of the planner maintains its promise of being “The Ultimate Mom Planner” by getting our modern moms organized and on […]

Plush and Play Teaching Toys

It’s a given that kids would have their “pets” or “babies”—soft toys they would bring anywhere, even to bed. It’s infinitely cute for adults to see kids toddling around with their special friend, but to children, these toys go a long way toward their overall development. A huggable toy gives children a sense of warmth […]

Sleep Safety: Halo Sleep Sack

Our babies can sleep up to 16 hours a day, as their little bodies and minds are busy developing. It is also the longest period of time that infants from newborns up to a year old could be left all by themselves, increasing their risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). SIDS is a sudden, […]

The Memory Keeper: My Story Memory Book from Peapod

A new beginning always deserves its own chapter—and parenthood, no matter how many times over, is always a fresh, unique adventure. Peapod’s My Story Memory Book is more than just a record of immunizations, medical information, child’s favorites, and milestones from Year One. It’s a true keepsake that can be filled with memories for your […]

Keeping Trips Comfy: Meeno Babies “Cool Mee” Seat Liner Collection

Travelling in safety and comfort for a baby sometimes means being strapped onto a car seat and carrier. Constantly being improved by manufacturers, car seat models are made of reinforced materials that secure your child, minimizing potential injuries in the event of an accident. Helping the child stay comfy and secure would be numerous straps, […]

Comfortable Carrier: Tonga Baby Sling Carrier From R Trevi

Baby carriers would be right on top of a mobile parent’s survival list of must-haves. What type you would choose really depends on your lifestyle and personal preference. For instance, those who would rather do without the fuss of straps and buckles of conventional carriers would do well to choose from the wide variety of […]

Lactacyd Toddler Tubs Cleansing Bubbles

Babies are not the only ones who need mild, nourishing skin cleansers. As soon as your baby starts shedding their baby qualities and toddling after you, you don’t have to stop caring for them like you did while they were still crib-bound. You actually need to be more vigilant in making sure they are clean […]

Lassig Diaper Bags

Diaper bags are an important part of the parent arsenal as the caddy and catch-all of everything that baby needs. Such a responsibility requires specific qualities in a bag to last as long as the baby needs it, and hopefully, even to be passed on to use for other tots. While durability, convenience of use, […]

Shoes for Mom and Me: Ambishoes

Wearing the right footwear is important for everybody, from infants to adults. Apart from comfort, the correct fit will have an impact on muscles and bones, especially the developing legs and feet of babies and children. The sole should have a firm grip on walking surfaces to encourage a child’s confidence in stepping out into […]

Cradling Your Babe: Baby K’tan Baby Carriers

Baby carrying is part of attachment parenting, promoting close contact between parent and child. Children grow up to be more emotionally secure with the increased sensory nourishment constant contact encourages. Development is often faster and independence fostered by the security and confidence that attachment parenting brings. There are many carriers that make life easier for […]

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