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Nicotine Patches Don’t Make Quitters Of Preggy Moms!

Preggy smokers should rethink those nicotine patches as a new study from the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom says it does not really help pregnant women stop smoking. You’re just as likely to go on smoking until your due date as other women who use a placebo. It’s a commonly known fact that […]

Standing for Long Hours May Affect Baby’s Growth

Hey, Moms! According to a study from the Netherlands, standing and working too long during pregnancy may have an adverse effect on your baby’s growth. Seems like sitting down and putting your feet up may have more of an impact than just helping us moms feel better. Standing up for long periods may compromise blood […]

Souq Organics 100% Pure Argan Oil for the Belly Blessed

  Pregnancy is such a joyful event! Celebrate your pregnancy with a bottle of 100% Pure Argan Oil from Souq International.   WHO CAN JOIN? All expectant moms with a Philippine address.   WHAT YOU WILL GET 1 Lucky expectant mom will win a bottle of 100% Pure Argan Oil from Souq International.   HOW TO […]

Belly Blessed Fest 2012: A Festival for Expectant Moms

The Belly Blessed Fest, a hippie-inspired festival for expectant moms and dads, was held last August 5, 2012 at Fun Ranch, Frontera Verde, Pasig City. The event was moved from July 21 at Bonifacio High Street due to the typhoon warning, to ensure our belly blessed moms’ safety.

Your Brain May Change For Good, Preggy Mom!

Your brain is on the fritz! Previously sharp as a tack and always on top of things, you suddenly feel like there are dust bunnies stuffed in your brain as your tummy grows. It happens over and over again and gets worse over time. You forget things, lose keys or your glasses, and scares you […]

Preggy? You Get A New Organ For Free!

Hey Mommies! Did you know that you grow an entirely new organ when you get pregnant? No, it’s not an extra heart or second tummy even if it does feel like it with your increased blood flow and raging appetite. One of the developments brought on by pregnancy is the one-pound, dark red placenta, which […]

Ovarian Stem Cells = Healthy Eggs?

We’ve long believed that women are born with all the eggs we’ll ever have, a million or so of them with about half developing into mature eggs. Now, Harvard scientists are saying that the ovaries of young women have very rare stem cells that can produce new eggs. If that’s true, then that could mean […]

Gift-giving Made Easy at Baby Gap

Shopping, which is usually a very pleasant activity, can become a nerve-racking and stressful task especially when you’ve got more than a handful of gifts to be purchased and Christmas is just a week away! Fortunately, there’s a new service that will bring back the joy to gift-giving. Baby Gap recently launched a Baby Registry […]

Princess Kate and Hyperemesis Gravidarium

  “Morning sickness” is the one symptom of pregnancy that everyone is most familiar with. It is one of the most dreaded as well, since it could entail uncontrollable nausea and vomiting, triggered by a wide variety of reasons and sometimes lasting all throughout the day and night. While some lucky few seem to skip and […]

Cord Blood Banking

There’s been much talk lately about the benefits of stem cell treatments for rejuvenation and for treating serious diseases like cancer. But what is it really and where does it come from?   Stem cells have the special ability to form or differentiate into various cells that make up blood, the immune system, and organs. […]

Philippine Association for Childbirth Education

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