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When Do Babies Become Conscious?

Have you ever wondered whether your infant really intends to drive you batty with his irresistible cuteness or suspect that he is playing mind games when he starts crying in the night just as you settle in for sleep? While we may never know if babies come with a plan for parental mind control, knowing […]

Supplementing With Carnitine Gives Hope To Babies With Heart Defects

Apparently, carnitine is not only used for weight loss, as it is popularly known these days. While it is a common nutritional supplement that helps transport fat inside cells for energy production, it can also help against chest pain in adults and may help the survival rates of babies born with heart defects. Sponsored by […]

Halle Berry Rocks Her Second Pregnancy At Age 46!

Glamorous Halle Berry has managed to surprise fiancé Olivier Martinez along with the rest of the world with the news that she’s going to be a new mom again at 46! She’s understandably thrilled to be giving her five-year-old daughter Nahla Aubry a little brother. However, it was completely unexpected as she thought she just […]

Naming Is No Game!

New mom to fourth baby Xabier David, Ria Trillo shares that picking out a name is never easy as she believes that names have energies. “A certain name will give a child a certain type of energy so it’s important to choose well,” Ria shares. With their first child, now 9-year-old Rocio, she and husband […]

Low Birth Weight Babies Catch Up!

  For moms who are having sensitive pregnancies and are worried about their little ones, this piece of good news could brighten up your day. Babies born with low birth weight can catch up with their peers’ height and weight gain by age 13. Yes, it’s a long haul but Mother Nature does level the […]

Kate Middleton Preggy Update!

It seems that Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, is keeping herself hale and hearty during her pregnancy. She had a bumpy first trimester with the extreme end of morning sickness. But now that it’s well under control, she has moved on to ensuring that she has a healthy and fit pregnancy. Expecting her and […]

Afraid of the Flu? Get the Shot!

Good news! It’s truly safe to get a shot against the sniffles even if you’re preggy. A large study released by the New England Journal of Medicine early January 2013 found no evidence that the flu vaccine increases the risk of miscarriage. It may even prevent some deaths as getting the flu while pregnant poses […]

Cut Out Coffee!

Cutting down your coffee to just one cup a day to have a healthy pregnancy may not be enough. Normally, experts would recommend that expectant mothers can take up to a moderate 200 mg a day of caffeine. However, a team of Swedish researchers say that this can still have a negative effect on baby’s […]

Obesity Amps Up Risk Of C-Section

Staying within the ideal weight range during pregnancy is not only important for your health, it is also a factor in how easy or complicated your delivery is going to be. According to a recent research published at the Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica last March 5, 2013, women who were overweight and obese before […]

Stress During Pregnancy Has An Impact On The Fetal Brain

Better step up on relaxation techniques, take care of a pet, or practice meditation, preggy moms! A new study from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine found out that the mammalian placenta does more than just filter through nutrition and oxygen to the unborn child. Conducted on mice, the findings support research made […]

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