Baby Names

Naming your baby can be an exciting and stressful event. After all, your bundle of joy will carry his name for life, so it’s critical that you make the right choice.

Baby Girl Names

Baby Name Gender Origin Meaning
Estrellita Girl Name Filipino

small star

Eugenia Girl Name Filipino

form of Eugenio

Evelyn Girl Name English

form of Eve

Faith Girl Name English


Fannie Girl Name American

form of Frances

Farah Girl Name Arabic


Fatima Girl Name Arabic

daughter of the prophet

Fay Girl Name French


Felicia Girl Name Latin


Fiona Girl Name Scottish


Florence Girl Name Latin


Fortunata Girl Name Spanish

good fortune

Francesca Girl Name Latin


Gabriela Girl Name Spanish

form of Gabriel

Gail Girl Name English


Gardenia Girl Name English

The flower

Garnet Girl Name English

the semi-precious stone

Gay Girl Name English


Gemma Girl Name Italian

precious stone

Geneva Girl Name French

juniper berry

Genevieve Girl Name French

woman of the people

Georgette Girl Name French

form of George

Geraldine Girl Name English

rules with the spear

Gertrude Girl Name German

strong spear

Gia Girl Name Italian

form of Gianna

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