Baby Names

Naming your baby can be an exciting and stressful event. After all, your bundle of joy will carry his name for life, so it’s critical that you make the right choice.


Baby Name Gender Origin Meaning
Gabby Boy Name American

form of Gabrielle

Gabriel Boy Name Hebrew

God is my strength

Gabriela Girl Name Spanish

form of Gabriel

Gail Girl Name English


Gale Boy Name English


Gardenia Girl Name English

The flower

Gareth Boy Name Irish

rules with the spear

Garfield Boy Name English

triangular field

Garnet Girl Name English

the semi-precious stone

Garrett Boy Name English

rules with the spear

Garson Boy Name English


Gary Boy Name English

rules with the spear

Gavino Boy Name Italian

from the City of Gabium

Gay Girl Name English


Gemma Girl Name Italian

precious stone

Genaro Boy Name Italian


Gene English


Geneva Girl Name French

juniper berry

Genevieve Girl Name French

woman of the people

Geoffrey Boy Name English


George Boy Name Greek


Georgette Girl Name French

form of George

Geraldine Girl Name English

rules with the spear

Geraldo Boy Name Spanish

rules with the spear

Gerard Boy Name English

brave with the spear

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