Baby Names

Naming your baby can be an exciting and stressful event. After all, your bundle of joy will carry his name for life, so it’s critical that you make the right choice.


Baby Name Gender Origin Meaning
Daisy Girl Name American

the flower

Dakila Boy Name Filipino


Dalisay Girl Name Filipino


Damien Boy Name Greek


Danica Girl Name Hebrew

morning star

Daniel Boy Name Hebrew

God is my judge

Daniela Girl Name Spanish

God is my judge

Danika Girl Name Slavic

morning star

Danilo Boy Name Filipino

a form of Daniel

Dante Boy Name Latin


Daria Girl Name Greek

upholder of the good

Darlene Girl Name American


Darwin Boy Name English

good friend

David Boy Name Hebrew


Dean Boy Name English

from the valley

Delila Girl Name Hebrew

the one who weakened

Demetria Girl Name Greek

devotee of Demeter

Denise Girl Name Fench

devotee of Dionysos

Dennis Boy Name English

devotee of Dionysos

Derrick Boy Name English

Ruler of people

Desiree Girl Name French


Destiny Girl Name American


Dewey Boy Name Welsh


Dexter Boy Name English

dryer of clothes

Dharma Boy NameGirl Name Indian

ultimate law of all things

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