What are the advantages of taking a childbirth class? – Clarissa, 2 mos. pregnant Ask an Expert: Prenatal Educator

The objective of a childbirth class is to educate the pregnant woman and her partner to assume an active or a participative birthing experience.

The advantages of taking one are the following:

  • It enables you and your partner to learn about the birth process. It also teaches you to work through pain in a positive way. If you are aware of the process, you will be more accepting of the pain.
  • It teaches you techniques that may block pain sensations from reaching your brain. Massage is one such technique. This stems from the “gate theory,” which states that the pain message is sent to the brain along three kinds of nerve fibers. If you send a different message like touch massage faster than the nerve fiber, then the massage can reach the brain before the pain and close the gate.
  • It builds your confidence with the knowledge of what can transpire and that you can give birth successfully even if it’s your first pregnancy.
  • It will teach you and your partner relaxation and breathing techniques which can lead to a more positive experience.
  • It will help your birth partner understand the birth process and how he can provide emotional and physical support.
  • – Rome

Philippine Association for Childbirth Education

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