Embarrassing Preggy Problems

Apart from the constant vomiting, the acne breakouts, and a belly button that’s way out there, there are a host of other embarrassing preggy phenomena that you had not even thought you’d experience in a million years. It’s okay! There’s no need to panic as these are all part of the hormonal changes that most […]

The Relationship Between Exercise and Fertility

It used to be that moving a lot and exercising too much was a no-no for women who wanted to get pregnant. Old school thinking tended to blame physical strain for difficulties in conception. The effect of physical activity, however, is not the same for everybody. Some conceive easily while training for a marathon; others […]

When Do Babies Become Conscious?

Have you ever wondered whether your infant really intends to drive you batty with his irresistible cuteness or suspect that he is playing mind games when he starts crying in the night just as you settle in for sleep? While we may never know if babies come with a plan for parental mind control, knowing […]

Supplementing With Carnitine Gives Hope To Babies With Heart Defects

Apparently, carnitine is not only used for weight loss, as it is popularly known these days. While it is a common nutritional supplement that helps transport fat inside cells for energy production, it can also help against chest pain in adults and may help the survival rates of babies born with heart defects. Sponsored by […]

Halle Berry Rocks Her Second Pregnancy At Age 46!

Glamorous Halle Berry has managed to surprise fiancé Olivier Martinez along with the rest of the world with the news that she’s going to be a new mom again at 46! She’s understandably thrilled to be giving her five-year-old daughter Nahla Aubry a little brother. However, it was completely unexpected as she thought she just […]

SaYa Baby Carrier

Baby wearing is important to nurturing the bonds between you and your baby. Aside from the intimacy fostered by close contact from infancy between parent and child, babies are generally calmer, less colicky and noted to develop independence, communication and social skills earlier. With many different carriers out in the market, you may find yourself […]

Tip Tap Soles

Of course, when baby’s out and about, he has to be dressed in comfy and adorable outfits—and no outfit is complete without an adorable pair of shoes. Finding appropriate footwear for your baby—even if he isn’t walking yet—is incredibly important. The wrong kind of shoes can spell disaster for developing muscles and bones. Your little […]


A good, long sleep is one of the things you’ll miss once your new baby is out. You may not be able to get as much sleep as you want because your little one would need a lot of your attention. Babies truly sleep best in their mother’s arms too, feeling the warmth of your […]

24 Hours After Birth: What to Expect

So you’ve done your research about what to expect while you’re expecting and even how to care of baby after going home. However, you have to be ready for how to take care of yourself in the first 24 to 48 hours. Here’s the lowdown on what to expect right after your baby pops out: […]

The Pool Workout

Water exercises are highly recommended for pregnant women. Water buoyancy helps maintain balance, fully supporting your body as you concentrate on a proper workout. There are also reduced risks of injury due to accidents. Plus, it’s generally easy on preggy joints and muscles. Here are a few moves you can try: • Pool Ski: Strengthens […]

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