Avoiding a Mom-to-be Meltdown

Having a baby is a life-changing occasion accompanied by all sorts of feelings, from joy and anxiety to excitement and fatigue. Guilt also makes a show sometime. You beat yourself up over working long hours while pregnant or for buying a pair of heels instead of baby clothes. You could swing from being unbelievably happy […]

Lassig Diaper Bags

Diaper bags are an important part of the parent arsenal as the caddy and catch-all of everything that baby needs. Such a responsibility requires specific qualities in a bag to last as long as the baby needs it, and hopefully, even to be passed on to use for other tots. While durability, convenience of use, […]

Techie Family Bonds

Kathy Chua-Grimme knows the value of keeping family ties tight. Based in Manila with her husband John and baby Gaby, the cosmopolitan family has relatives and friends all over the world. Kathy’s in-laws live in the Netherlands and both her sisters are based in North America, and while her own parents just live in the […]

Exercising With Weights During Pregnancy

Low to moderate intensity weight training, also known as resistance and strength training, isn’t such a bad idea considering that you’re lugging around a fair amount of pregnancy weight. It’s one of the best ways to minimize the aches and pains that come with pregnancy. After giving birth, the lifting is just going to go […]

Get Blissed Out at Belly Blessed Fest 2013!

Celebrate the many joys of pregnancy with Belly Blessed Fest 2013! A three-day event dedicated to expectant moms, Belly Blessed Fest will be held from July 12 to 14, 2013 at the 2nd and 3rd Level Atrium of The Podium Mall in Pasig City. There’ll be exciting interactive stations to delight expectant moms and dads-to-be […]

Shoes for Mom and Me: Ambishoes

Wearing the right footwear is important for everybody, from infants to adults. Apart from comfort, the correct fit will have an impact on muscles and bones, especially the developing legs and feet of babies and children. The sole should have a firm grip on walking surfaces to encourage a child’s confidence in stepping out into […]

Cradling Your Babe: Baby K’tan Baby Carriers

Baby carrying is part of attachment parenting, promoting close contact between parent and child. Children grow up to be more emotionally secure with the increased sensory nourishment constant contact encourages. Development is often faster and independence fostered by the security and confidence that attachment parenting brings. There are many carriers that make life easier for […]

Wrist Protection: Bugout! Smiley Mosquito Repelling Wrist Band

With the rainy season upon us, dengue is yet again a threat to concerned parents everywhere. Brought about by several different species of mosquito, we never know when it’s going to strike. Symptoms include fever, headache, muscle and joint pains, and a skin rash that looks like measles. In some cases, it can develop into […]

Taking Care of Preggy Skin

While some expectant moms are blessed with glowing fertility goddess skin, quite a few suffer from major changes due to the flood of hormones: acne, unwanted hair growth, dark armpits and neck, and generally dry, oily, or scaly skin. To get through pregnancy with clear, happy, and healthy skin, you may need to adjust your […]

Common Fears About Pregnant Sex

Sex during pregnancy interestingly ranges from scorching hot with all the raging hormones flooding your system, to totally non-existent as you suffer from the preggy blahs. Whatever the tango that happens with your baby-bump in between, here are a few things that typically get in the way of enjoying yourself and how to get over […]

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