Moms on The Floor 2013

Belly Blessed moms, Get active, fit, and healthy! Get on the floor this October 5, Saturday at The Loft at the 38th floor of the Manansala Tower, Rockwell, Makati for the 4th Moms on The Floor—a floor-based activity for: Expectant moms, Moms with babies, and Moms with toddlers. Attend this floor-based activity and GET DOWN ON […]

Life by Image Nation Photography

Photographs are such powerful tools that tell stories, brings back treasured memories, and preserves life’s priceless moments. Celebrate your stories in real life with moments captured in photos. Capture your family’s special moments with Life by Image Nation Photography. Preserve you and your child’s milestones with Image Nation’s special package for moms:   Visit Life […]

Soothing Labor Positions

The standard labor position that most hospital births default with is the semi- or fully-reclining back labor. New practices have actually reverted to what are actually old school practices of letting the mother freely move around to encourage contractions and birth. It may seem like a good idea to be lying down since pain and […]

Great Exercises for Your Legs

As they’re probably the most overworked part of your preggy body, your legs need much attention. Giving them a good workout would not only help you battle constipation and back pain, they’ll also lift your mood, boost energy, improve circulation, and keep you limber. You’ll even sleep better at night. As a bonus, exercise helps […]

The Right Position

You got the calendar timing right, the correct body heat, and you even got the silk sheets, rose petals and scented candles going (if that’s what rocks your boat)…Now what? The million-buck question would be: Is there a sure-fire position to score a baby-win? If you and your partner are both “typically” fertile and everything’s […]

Loving Your Post-pregnancy Body

Nothing quite prepares a new mom for that first glimpse of herself in the mirror. While you were nurturing the little miracle in your tummy, hormones blew you up, giving you wider hips, stretching your skin, and loosening up your bones. As your hormone levels normalize, the changes will help shrink you down too. Usually, […]

Top Five Baby Gear Essentials

The days of moms-to-be are often filled with making all the necessary preparations for baby’s arrival. The nesting stage, most of all, could baffle and overwhelm anybody, especially those who have no idea what the essentials are, but wouldn’t want to be caught having given birth without it. Apart from the basics like clothing, diapers, […]

Kate Carried on Without Pain Killers

Looks like Princess Kate’s preparations for a natural birth has paid off! She kept calm and birthed on, bringing little Prince George Alexander into the world via normal spontaneous delivery (NSD). What’s truly remarkable is that the Duchess of Cambridge remained serene and collected without the help of any painkillers throughout the 11-hour labor and […]

Baby Cry Analyzer

Any parent would love to know the meaning behind every baby whimper and cry, who wouldn’t? Now, thanks to researchers from Brown University and the Women & Infants Hospital of Rhode Island, baffled parents the world over may have the chance to interpret different baby cries to detect possible problems in health and development. The […]

When to Stop Taking Birth Control

When you and your partner are ready to start a family, ask your doctor about how and when to stop the birth control method you are on first. Barrier methods are easy to figure out, but you need your doctor’s advice regarding any hormonal birth control medication such as oral contraceptives, injectables, or hormonal patches. […]

Philippine Association for Childbirth Education

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