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The Gender Game: Conceiving a Boy or a Girl


In some cultures, one gender is more preferred over the other. While conceiving a specific gender is greatly dependent on the parents’ chromosomes, there are several methods developed throughout the years to increase the chances of conceiving a boy or a girl.

Here are some ways to help increase your chances of conceiving a boy or a girl.

The Boys Are Back In Town!

Conceiving a boy is all about timing and proper positioning. Male sperm are faster and smaller than female sperm, but have a shorter life span and can’t withstand an acidic environment. Because the environment in the vagina is highly acidic, male sperm die quicker than female sperm. To ensure that male sperm fertilizes the egg:

  1. Intercourse must be scheduled as close to ovulation as possible. It is important to have intercourse on or before ovulation.
  2. Proper positioning during intercourse to ensure deep penetration is crucial for the male sperm’s survival. Male sperm cannot survive inside the vagina’s highly acidic environment so it must be deposited as close to the cervix as possible. Rear-entry intercourse (commonly known as the “doggy style”) is the recommended position to ensure a deep penetration.
  3. Having the “Big O” is the key. Having an orgasm increases alkaline secretion in the vagina, an environment that is favourable for the male sperm. The woman must have an orgasm before or at the same time as the man.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Although it is much slower, the female sperm is more resilient and favors a highly acidic environment than the male sperm. To ensure a female sperm fertilizes the egg:

  1. Intercourse must be scheduled 2-3 days before ovulation when cervical fluid hasn’t peaked. “Depositing” the female sperm in the reproductive tract ensures that the female sperm fertilizes the egg when released.
  2. Proper positioning is also important in trying for a girl. The sperm must be deposited slightly away from the cervix. The “Missionary” is a good position for shallow penetration.
  3. Avoid having orgasm to maintain the acidic environment on the vagina. Orgasm makes the vaginal environment alkaline due to the increased cervical fluid.

Whatever your child’s gender may be, a child is always a blessing. Never forget to always shower and nurture your child with affection and love.

Philippine Association for Childbirth Education

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