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7 Things To Expect After Bringing your Baby Home


Hooray, the big day has arrived and you can now hold and cuddle your precious little baby! Congratulations, you are now a parent! Boy, parenting sure has got so much exciting and wonderful things in store for you. But wait, before you fully immerse yourself into this new stage in your life, let us help you go through this transition with a little more ease and little less surprises. This may just be tipping the iceberg but this list of 10 Things To Expect After Bringing your Baby Home might just help you warm up as you gear up for parenthood.

1.       Sleep? What Sleep?
From the day you bring your baby home, you can forget all about the idea of sleeping. You can now tuck it away in the dark recesses of your mind, for a year or two. You know when they say the sleep is for the weak? Well, consider yourself a warrior now. Because after all those endless nights you’ve spent as a teenager, nothing can ever prepare you for the all-nighters your little bundle of joy has got in store for you. Consider those teenage nights a mere training ground for “babies”, pun intended.

The best way to recover from this is to take quick 15-30 minute naps in between. Nourish yourself well with healthy and nutritious food and avoid those after-meal-comma-inducing-food such as high cholesterol, high fat, and heavy meals. And come on, would you really like to put on unhealthy weight and pass on the empty calories to your baby? Eat well and healthily, your body deserves to be treated well.

2.       Breastfeeding is a journey better experienced with the whole family.
Breastmilk is THE best and only food for your baby. It provides complete nourishment and the exact amount of food your baby needs and anti-bodies that serves as your baby’s initial vaccine, especially for the first months of his life. As with every natural phase where you adjust to new activities, breastfeeding takes some adjustment and getting used to. It is very important to have a strong support group to rally for you and help make your journey even more momentous.

Take classes or even research online about Breastfeeding Basics such as proper latching, positioning, milk storage and thawing for feeding, and even lactation massage (this is a great way to get your partner involved more in breastfeeding). Make your family members understand the importance and benefits of breastfeeding. Make them feel that they are a very important part of your breastfeeding journey. When they realize and understand their significance, it’ll come naturally to them to give their 100% in helping you and your child successfully breastfeed—at an extended period even!
3.       There will be endless showers of kisses and cuddles…and moments when you won’t get to hold your baby.
If this is your first pregnancy or you are having the first grandchild in the family, there are greater chances that your baby will be showered with endless kisses and cuddles, especially from the doting grandparents. As much as you are trying to avoid getting your baby sick from all the germs and viruses, your breastmilk has your baby’s immune system covered so let go and relax a little!

Let your baby be cuddled, kissed, and feel loved. Babies are very affectionate and love being held. Cuddling is one form that babies bond and communicate. It also helps them maintain their body temperature while their bodies adjust to the environment outside the womb. Studies have shown that babies who were held more and cuddled more have better and higher EQ and IQ.

4.       The “Black Pearl” and the United Colors of Poop-a-ton.
Babies are poop machines, yes, you heard it here. This is a good sign that your baby’s excretory system are functioning well. Within 1-2 days after birth, your baby will excrete black-colored poop with tar-like consistency called Meconium̶.cosisting of particles, fluid, and other materials your baby ingested inside the womb.

If your baby is breastfed, they will poop more often and expel the Meconium quicker. After expelling the Meconium, your baby’s poop will turn greenish or mustard-colored. Breastfed babies’ poop usually has loose, seedy, soft, or watery consistency.

5.       Diaper Duties
Speaking of poop, let’s talk about diaper duties. Newborns wet and soil their diapers unlike any other machine and require fresh ones every now and then. Be prepared to change nappies every few hours, in the middle of the night, and in the wee hours of the morning. Assigning tasks and duties between you and your partner will help you both fulfil your baby’s needs while you both try to get some rest.

6.       Crying
From living in a protected and nourishing environment by yourself to a strange one where you feel so helpless and unable to do anything sure is scary! Your baby is new to this world, feels so helpless, and is still getting accustomed to his new environment so don’t take his crying as a personal vendetta to drive you insane. Crying is one way for babies to communicate. Take it as a cue for breastfeeding (among other hunger cues such as smacking, licking lips, sucking on lips, and opening or closing the mouth), nappy change, and cuddle time.

7.       This is the beginning of a wonderful journey!
Today is the day that your life will be changed forever. Get those arms ready for endless cuddles and hugs. Fill those lips with kisses, praises, stories, and good lessons to pass on to your child. Stock up on boxes of tissues for those special moments that your child will make you tear up out of happiness. Arm up, suit up, you are now a parent and there will be battles and victories ahead. Congratulations, your life can’t get any sweeter than this! Relish the moment, cuddle and enjoy your baby as much as you can cause as cliché as it sounds, time flies by so fast that you will wake up wondering where the tender years have gone to.

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