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Top Five Baby Gear Essentials


The days of moms-to-be are often filled with making all the necessary preparations for baby’s arrival. The nesting stage, most of all, could baffle and overwhelm anybody, especially those who have no idea what the essentials are, but wouldn’t want to be caught having given birth without it.

Apart from the basics like clothing, diapers, beddings, and furnishing, here are five baby gear essentials to add to your list:

1. Baby carrier: What to use to carry baby around when you feel your arms are about to give way? Baby wearing gives you the freedom to do more things even while carrying baby and strengthens the bond between parent and child. When deciding between slings or conventional carriers, always consider safety, health, and convenience. Be sure to check cloth quality, seams, stitching, straps, buckles, and buttons if any. Take your time to pick the right fit for your baby and your lifestyle as your carrier will be around your family for quite some time.

2. Stroller: You’ll definitely need an efficient way to move around town with your little tot and the baby bag in tow. Think carefully about what you need in a baby wheelie: Do you want convenient storage space that can also accommodate shopping bags? How about a seat that swivels to face you and reclines easily for nap time? Will you be walking in the park a lot or jogging with your baby? Choose a stroller that is durable, manageable, and easy to transport with safety features like harnesses and brakes.

3. Car seat: Nowadays, a car seat for children is mandatory for families with vehicles. As much as it would be a money-saver, buying second-hand safety seats is not advisable. Apart from changing safety rules and regulations, you may not know if the seat is already starting to deteriorate. Pick a seat that comfortably cradles and secures your baby, fits your car but is easy to disengage, and is not in any recall list. Your child’s safety and comfort will be dependent on the right choice.

4. Nursing and feeding accessories: A nursing pillow, cover, and breast pump (if you are breastfeeding) are going to be your constant companions and “breast-friends.” There are pillows that are specially designed to support you and your baby to help you comfortably breastfeed or bottle-feed without muscle strain. Covers enable you to attend to your child anytime the need for nourishing arises. Breast pumps for breastfeeding moms help keep milk supplies up, ease engorged breasts, and declog milk ducts.

5. Household safety gear: Aside from locking and securing everything that baby can possibly get into, gates and outlet covers are the most important safety gadgets you can invest in. For houses with stairs or lots of rooms, safety gates and railings will block off hazardous areas. Outlet covers on the other hand, will ensure that little curious fingers do not find their way into an electrical shock of their lives.

Because every family has different needs, there may be other gadgets to consider. Just be sure that they are must-haves and not must-wants to prevent any sort of buyer’s remorse later on.

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Philippine Association for Childbirth Education

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