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You got the calendar timing right, the correct body heat, and you even got the silk sheets, rose petals and scented candles going (if that’s what rocks your boat)…Now what? The million-buck question would be: Is there a sure-fire position to score a baby-win?

If you and your partner are both “typically” fertile and everything’s in working order, then any position will be just fine. After all, to get pregnant in the normal, typical way would be to have intercourse and put sperm as close to an egg a possible.

However, if either one of you has a reproductive problem, the importance of finding the right sexual position increases. It also varies according to where the problem lies. Unfortunately, few people know they have a reproductive issue from the get-go. Some have to go through years of childlessness before going through a check-up that would have helped put them on the right baby track in the first place.

Give a boost to those swimmers who may need a little bit more assistance! Healthy sperm are great, strong swimmers but it wouldn’t hurt to pick a position that would be as conducive to conception as possible.

  • Missionary Position (Man on top): Gravity makes this a classic and a conception favourite!
  • On Hands-and-Knees: Maximizing deep penetration “doggy style” makes it easier for sperm to swim to their target.
  • Side-by-side position: This is good for deep penetration and if you or your partner has back problems.
  • After-Sex Position: Again utilizing gravity, lying with a small pillow under your hips for 20 minutes may also help sperm swim better toward your uterus after they have been deposited.
  • After Sex Tummy Time: If you suspect or know that your uterus is positioned differently, roll over on your tummy so that the sperm have a bit more chances to get where they’re going.

Some sexual positions that bring your chance down would be sitting, standing, woman on top, and bending over. Although it’s still possible to get pregnant with these positions, the flow of sperm into the uterus and fallopian tubes is not very much encouraged.

Of course, position is just one of many factors. Be sure to maintain a healthy lifestyle and see your doctor regularly to monitor your fertility and ovulation.

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Philippine Association for Childbirth Education

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