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It’s a given that kids would have their “pets” or “babies”—soft toys they would bring anywhere, even to bed. It’s infinitely cute for adults to see kids toddling around with their special friend, but to children, these toys go a long way toward their overall development.

A huggable toy gives children a sense of warmth and comfort, enabling them to soothe themselves when you’re not with them. Having the same stuffed companion all the time satisfies a sense of security that constancy brings. Babies also thrive on contact and tactile stimulation from rich, colorful textures that encourage their sense of exploration.

The Plush and Play toys by Gawad Kalinga communities are more than just playthings. Shaped like healthy fruits and veggies, the soft, hand-stitched toys bring healthy living closer to being taught from the cradle. Each colourful toy is made from soft, hypoallergenic, and non-pilling Velboa, felt, and Class A Polyester fiberfill. Available in three sizes, small hands can easily play with the Small sizes, sleepyheads can cuddle with the Medium sizes, and the Large ones are huggable armfuls even for adults!

As of now, there are 11 fun veggie-fruit characters, each with a Filipino value and story attached. So far, there’s top student Anne Kamatis, friendly Karla Mansi, sweet Fili Pina, talented Maria Mangga, extrovert Jessica Saging, sporty Manny Pakwan, happy-go-lucky Pan Talong, prankster Silly Crawford, daring Buko Martin, nice Dalan Daniel, and wise Antonio Repolyo. A twelfth character is also in the works and due to be out soon, the foreign exchange student Apple de Ap! You really wouldn’t just be teaching your tots about health and nutrition, you would also be teaching them to be proud of our Filipino roots and values.

Plus, you will also be part of uplifting the lives of our less fortunate, but by no means less able, brothers and sisters at the GK Enchanted Farm in Bulacan. Each purchase provides a sustainable livelihood that allows kids from the GK communities to eat properly and attend school.

Fill your tots’ arms with the whole Plush and Play gang from the Enchanted Farm Café at 463 Commonwealth Avenue QC. Feel free to check them out at


Photo Credits: GK

Philippine Association for Childbirth Education

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