First Time Pregnancy
Loving Your Post-pregnancy Body


Nothing quite prepares a new mom for that first glimpse of herself in the mirror. While you were nurturing the little miracle in your tummy, hormones blew you up, giving you wider hips, stretching your skin, and loosening up your bones. As your hormone levels normalize, the changes will help shrink you down too. Usually, most post-baby body problems disappear as your systems settle down after a few weeks or months. Soon, you’ll have less skin breakouts and your hair growth will go back to normal. With a healthy lifestyle, nutritious diet, and enough exercise, you’ll be fit and fab again. In the meantime, here are a few things to help you on your way to body acceptance and body love.

Be kind to yourself. Opening your arms to the amazing woman in the mirror is a good start to boosting your confidence.

Be realistic. It took a lot of time for your body to get to where it is now, so getting back to pre-pregnancy form is also going to take some time.

Think happy thoughts. Shift your focus from what makes you unhappy about yourself to the new things that bring happiness into your life. Make a list and post it on that mirror!

Find a physical fix. To help your mind along, get your body the help and support it needs on the way to recovery.
a. Sagging and leaky breasts: Find a good, quality nursing bra that lifts, supports, and gives you extra coverage. It wouldn’t hurt to have it in a sexy color to give you a little attitude to go with the new cleavage! For the leaks, make sure you always have pads.
b. Stretch marks: Various lotions can help minimize the marks.
c. Loose belly skin: Compression tanks and undergarments can help smooth out the bulges and encourage you to remember to tuck your tummy in.
d. Thinning hair: Give yourself a short, fashionable hairdo and use a nourishing shampoo until your hair health returns to normal.

• Date yourself. Give yourself some quality me-time, you deserve it! Get a massage, a body scrub, a facial, mani-pedi, or all of the above. Shop if you want, just take the time to relax, prettify yourself, and generally reward yourself with how well you’re taking care of your family.

• Live healthy. Take a proactive step to recovering your pre-baby body. Start with gentle exercise and activities like walking around the neighborhood with the baby in a stroller as soon as your doctor gives you the go signal. Remember to eat healthy, drink water, and stay away from junk food. You may even end up with a better, fitter body than ever!

There are few whose bodies escape pregnancy unscathed and if you’re one of those lucky girls who go back to pre-pregnancy size and shape as if nothing happened, good for you! For others who bear the battle scars more obviously, the good news is you’re not alone with feeling that the marks and sagging body parts make you less appealing. Be kind to yourself. You have just, after all, given birth to another human being! That’s the best reason to love what you’ve got now.

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