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Comfortable Carrier: Tonga Baby Sling Carrier From R Trevi


Baby carriers would be right on top of a mobile parent’s survival list of must-haves. What type you would choose really depends on your lifestyle and personal preference. For instance, those who would rather do without the fuss of straps and buckles of conventional carriers would do well to choose from the wide variety of baby slings nowadays.

Baby wearing strengthens the bond between parent and child, and a convenient sling helps enhance the experience by being hassle-free. Instead of worrying about belts and buckles, you and baby just put on a sling with minimal adjustment and you can concentrate on enjoying each other’s company. A good sling is not only secure, it is also snug and comfortable for both the baby and the nurturer as well as cool, lightweight and easy to put on.

Tonga Baby Slings were designed by a mother who needed a compact, durable, and comfortable carrier that can keep a baby cool. Pretty much inspired by fishing nets, it looks like a little hammock! In turquoise, salmon, and brown, the stylish slings are strong and supple, molding itself to the form of the carrier and the child. The French-made product is made of 100 percent organic cotton and when not in use, it’s easily folded up and stored in Mom’s purse or stuffed in Dad’s back pocket.

Pick out your very own at R Trevi Concepts! It can carry up to a 33 lbs or from age 4 months to 3 years old (up to 15 kgs).

Photo credit: R Trevi Concepts

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