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How to Get Pretty Preggy Belly Photos


Who doesn’t want beautiful, poignant mementos of this wonderful time? Your body is sheltering a miracle and that in itself is the most beautiful thing of all. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you schedule your preggy belly photo shoot to help celebrate your blossoming beauty!


  • Wait until you’re really showing, but not when you’re too big to be comfortable. Every lady and her pregnancy is different but as your pregnancy progresses, it can be difficult to hold poses. When your belly’s got a nice roundness in the 30-week range and not too heavy yet, it’s time to check out how and where you want to be photographed.
  • Too much clutter is not good. It can distract from the focus of the photo shoot: your preggy belly and the beauty of impending motherhood. Keep it simple. For most, a plain wall in a solid color does the job perfectly. Others prefer to go out of doors.
  • Take advantage of good lighting and avoid the flash. Indoors or outdoors, natural lighting is always best. Too much flash can wash out your pictures and give you less depth. Open the windows to let in natural light. If you’re outdoors, avoid the strong midday sun that shines directly overhead. The best times to shoot outdoors is early in the morning and an hour or two before sunset when the sun shines gold.
  • Wear the right clothes. Tight stretchy clothes will show off your curves and your belly. Long flowing clothing with your round belly exposed can also provide an interesting contrast. Don’t wear anything you are not comfortable with or shapeless, unflattering clothes. You can even go naked!
  • Book a good, professional photographer that you and your hubby will be comfortable working with, especially if you are going to show some skin. Discuss the concepts you want to explore. Other expectant moms prefer doing their preggy belly shoot with their husbands or a close friend. This could work too, especially if your partner or friend has a good eye for photographs.
  • Lastly, practice your poses in front of the mirror days before the actual shoot. Find out what poses suit you best. Don’t be too shy and don’t forget to smile!


Preggy belly shoots celebrate the beauty of your miraculous body as it nurtures your baby. Enjoy yourself! Your happy vibe will shine through, making your photographs even more fabulous!

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Philippine Association for Childbirth Education

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