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Avoiding a Mom-to-be Meltdown


Having a baby is a life-changing occasion accompanied by all sorts of feelings, from joy and anxiety to excitement and fatigue. Guilt also makes a show sometime. You beat yourself up over working long hours while pregnant or for buying a pair of heels instead of baby clothes. You could swing from being unbelievably happy one moment, and then turn into mess of bawling tears the next!

Mood swings caused by hormonal surges can be the culprit behind your supercharged emotions. Your fears and insecurities may be magnified, making you feel out of control just when you need some peace and quiet to enjoy your pregnancy.

While you really cannot stop these rollercoaster of feelings, you can take steps to minimize your mini-meltdowns. Here are a few suggestions that may help:

  • Readily identify and acknowledge what you are experiencing. Don’t suppress them.
  • Open up your thoughts and feelings to others. Having a support group of family and friends would be great. Most importantly, talk to your partner. Sharing will calm you down. It will also help you see things more clearly and give you an objective point of view.
  • For medical anxieties, discuss your fears with your doctor.
  • Seek pro-active and realistic solutions when addressing problems. Plan, research, make lists, and join classes to soothe your anxieties. It will help you feel more prepared for what may come.
  • Join other moms-to-be to lessen feelings of isolation. Connect with other parents and learn about how they coped with their own pregnancies.
  • Don’t worry about not feeling good all the time. It’s normal to feel this way and it is part and parcel of the pregnancy journey.


Now, if you feel that you are about to go nuclear, hit the re-set button to give yourself a chance to snap out of it and breathe. Here are a few practical tips to downplay the emotional crisis and hopefully avoid it in the future:

  • Sleep! Get at least eight hours a night and take naps as soon as your body demands it. Being well-rested stabilizes your mood and lessens crabbiness.
  • Move! You don’t have to sweat it out in the gym to get your happy hormones to beat the reds or blues away. Get your endorphins flowing with a walk, some yoga, or a few dance steps.
  • Get a time-out when you start feeling the funk and go for whatever relaxes you. A drive, a bath, a good book, or tuning in to your favorite music playlist might do the trick. Superficial as it may seem, shopping can also help, as well as pampering yourself at a spa!
  • Keep a journal or two, one for the sunshiny side of your preggy self and another for when you’re feeling icky, sad, crappy, and bizarre.
  • Confide in a special, trustworthy gripe buddy who isn’t your partner, preferably one who isn’t going to go crazy on you even if you seem to say the same things over and over again. Your partner may also need a break and it could be such a relief for you, especially if you want to gripe about him!


Relax and breathe! The rollercoaster usually tapers down after the first trimester as your hormones stabilize. By then, you can get back to being your sweet, summery self as you’re also less prone to bouts of nausea and you’re getting into the swing of things.

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