Relaxed Pregnancy
Taking Care of Preggy Skin


While some expectant moms are blessed with glowing fertility goddess skin, quite a few suffer from major changes due to the flood of hormones: acne, unwanted hair growth, dark armpits and neck, and generally dry, oily, or scaly skin. To get through pregnancy with clear, happy, and healthy skin, you may need to adjust your usual skincare regimen. Here are some ways to help bring out that beautiful glow:

• Keep a healthy, balanced diet with fresh fruits and veggies. Avoid processed foods and as much as possible, go organic, even with your meats.
• Drink water, lots of it! Try to keep high-sugar content fruit juices to a minimum, and stay away from coffee and soda.
• Stick to a cleansing ritual faithfully. Keep facial skin clean and fresh by washing with water and mild, hypo-allergenic cleansers.
• Moisturizing is important (yes, even for oily skin!). After washing your face, apply a light moisturizer to help keep skin hydrated and supple.
• For the face and body, use shea and cocoa butter-based natural and organic oils, lotions, and moisturizers. Rich in fatty acids that improve skin moisture retention and elasticity, these help prevent dryness and reduces the occurrence of stretch marks. Shea, a good source of vitamin A and E to strengthen and help skin recover from damage, is best for acne-prone skin.
• Use sunscreen to avoid sunspots and protect your skin against harmful UV rays, as preggy skin tends to be more sensitive.
• Pay attention to your skin so that you can catch any changes early on like new, unexpected, and often unwelcome hair growth, dry skin, and skin discoloration.

Because harmful toxins can easily pass through the skin, enter your blood stream, and cross the placenta, it’s important to read the labels on products you use carefully. Go natural and organic as much as possible and stay away from chemical-based products to avoid possibly affecting your baby’s development. Here are some things to remember:

• Avoid skincare regimens like hair-removing depilatories, bleaches, skin-lighteners or bronzers, oral and topical retinoids, and prescription oral acne medicines. Postpone any full body treatments that may allow higher doses of skincare products to pass through the skin and enter your baby’s system.
• Keep your face free from makeup to avoid clogging your pores, especially those that have lead, salicylic acid, and retinol. If you must, use organic mineral makeup; these use ingredients that just sit on top of the skin and don’t cause irritation.
• Consult a dermatologist if you develop any other noticeable changes in your skin that make you feel uncomfortable or worried.

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