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Shoes for Mom and Me: Ambishoes


Wearing the right footwear is important for everybody, from infants to adults. Apart from comfort, the correct fit will have an impact on muscles and bones, especially the developing legs and feet of babies and children. The sole should have a firm grip on walking surfaces to encourage a child’s confidence in stepping out into the world. For moms, comfy, easy-to-put-on shoes with non-slip soles are a godsend during those times when they’re hurrying along on endless errands and chores.

Style and fashion doesn’t have to suffer for comfort, durability and function, however. Your personal stamp of individuality can still shine through while you’re rocking being Mom with your little mini-me. Ambishoes is a shoe line of women and babies’ feet treats that are super wearable and designed for unique personalities and tastes. They can even come as identical pairs, one for baby and one for Mom—or Lola, Tita or Ate!

Check out their extensively diverse collection of footwear from ballet flats, Oxfords, slip-ons and strappy sandals! Proudly Pinoy-made, their sizes are from Ladies 5 to 9 and 8 to 12 for kids. Take your pick at Ambishoes!


Photo credits: Ambishoes

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